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small town REAL TALK

Jun 24, 2021

Everyone's perspective of perfection is different. How do you navigate through a world that is all about chasing perfection? Today Jen and Meredith give their perspective on the topic and open up about dealing with guilt, success, and being a boss. 

Jun 17, 2021

When you go to work every day, are you happy with what you're doing? If not, change it! Loving your job is key to building positive, long-lasting relationships and connections. Listen in today to learn about the importance of being in a healthy work environment and what you can do to create a positive atmosphere in your...

Jun 10, 2021

Things get a little messy in this week's episode. Get a peek at what life and organization looks like from 2 mothers in a fast-paced business. Listen for some tips and recommendations on how to get a little more organized!

Jun 3, 2021

What did you think your life would look like when you got older? How different are you from who you thought you would be? Check out our newest episode and follow our journey from childhood to now!